Strictly Come Dancing in Lewisham

November 16, 2008

Except it’s not. Strictly Come Dancing. But it is in Lewisham. This is Lewisham People’s Day again. I’m supposed to be decorating today but all I’ve done so far is fiddled around on Photoshop for five minutes to see if I could make the following photo more interesting. I like the people, I like the dancing, but it’s not too great a photo. And I have no proper idea of how to use Photoshop. I just fiddle and see what happens. This happened today…

This is how it looked before…

dancing-2 I doubt I’ve improved it and I apologise to the people I cropped off, but I only had five minutes, and since I don’t know how to use Photoshop (properly) I could have taken 24 hours and come up with no better. Anyroad, it’s all cheating.

Right, off to Homebase… is where the sandpaper, sugar shop, paint is.

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