X Factor- Shut up!

November 15, 2008


Ok, firstly*, I like The X Factor. I watch it, I enjoy it. But sometimes, just shut up! Or rather, the media nonsense that surrounds it. Did Diana have a sore throat or not? Was it a scam to get Laura out? “Reveal to us the voting patterns now”, an angry public demands. Well, they can shut up too. It’s just a song contest.

As Sharleen Spiteri pointed out in The Guardian yesterday (and I paraphrase, rather than digging out the paper which is now in the recycling bin); “Och, the wee idiots, so they’ve worked so hard to get so far have they? What? For all of six months? Way-hey (when did she become a Geordie?) Hard work? It took me 44 years to make it with Texas. They can all go **** themselves.” Or something like that.

But this morning the biscuit’s been taken by the Daily Mail, who, having run out of Hitler stories, have to go with a non-starter of a story about Daniel Evans love life. The story, found on-line here, has the headline; The sob story Daniel doesn’t want you to hear; X Factor’s widower doesn’t mention his other women… or love children.

Well, excuuuuuuuuse him! So? He had two kids fifteen years ago, by two women who he is still pretty friendly with. And if he was not always a great father, he has since done the best to make up for it; and his kids, and ex-partners, pretty much agree he’s a nice bloke.

He still lost his partner of eleven years and wife of three years shortly after the birth of their daughter. So, Daily Mail shut up!

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not a big Daniel fan. He can shut up too, singing-wise.

This is an unusual post for me. But for 6 weeks I used to do some posts one day a week for a friend of mine on a women’s gossip/fashion site. I had to pretend to be a woman and I had to know my **** so to speak. After 6 weeks I was sacked. Well, we all were- it was a Credit Crunch thing. So, I thought I’d briefly revisit this world of nonsense. To get the real deal, avoid the hate-Mail and go straight to the King; Charlie Brooker over at Screenburn.

The photo above is from this years Lewisham People’s Day. The two Elvis guys were groovy. The man sitting, and possibly judging, is not Simon Cowell. Nor Louis Walsh. Nor Dannii. Nor me. Cheryl’s exempt from this; I don’t want to make her cry. What? She’s crying already? There’s news.

* Just realised, I haven’t put a secondly. So, secondly, I still like The X Factor.

P.S. So he goes. The public turned. And certainly Louis and Simon weren’t going to save him. He gurned his way through the usually beautiful Bridge Over Troubled Water, grinning like a fool; and Rachel stomped her way through the occasionally beautiful One. Johnny Cash covered these on American Recordings III and IV. he neither stomped nor smiled. Then again, I doubt the X Factor judges would have put him through the opening round.


One Response to “X Factor- Shut up!”

  1. Andrea said

    I like this post. as someone who watches neither The X-Factor nor Strictly Come Dancing – and doesn’t want to – you’ve given me exactly the right amount of news and opinion I want on either. hurrah!

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