Quantum of Shoelace

November 9, 2008

bootThe sun shone and the trees were red and gold and so it seemed wrong to not venture out of the house. But I needed a purpose. And then the thought struck me; I can go and buy some shoelaces. Well, a pair. And the measure of a shoelace? The quantum? Goodness knows how to use that word. I went for 70cm. For my very old boots that you can see here.

Down in Lewisham, at the point where MacDonalds meets Specsavers, a woman had set our her “stall”. She shouted desperately to “the people of Lewisham”. She needed £60,000 to buy her son some new legs. And her son sat in a pram; he was maybe three or four years old; and he had Meccano-like legs. He had lost them through meningitis.

I read the papers, had a coffee and a piece of carrot cake at Muffin Break, and then walked home in the rain.

Tomorrow I might give my new shoelaces a try. I can wear my very old boots to go to the Magnolia in East Dulwich. It used to be called the Magdala, but it seems many things change their names without me noticing. There, I go upstairs and sing in Note-orious. And then I drink Doom Bar.

It’s possible I may have gone on this trek in search of shoelaces just so I could use Quantum of Shoelace for a post title. That’s Sundays for you.


One Response to “Quantum of Shoelace”

  1. Jen said

    Hi Simon,

    Thought I’d check out your blog, nice! I’ll see you at choir practice on the 24th and buy you a pint of Doom bar!

    Jen x

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