Credit Crunch is not a cereal

November 9, 2008

There’s this thing going on. They’re calling it a Credit Crunch. I don’t know who thought up that term, and heck, I’ve tried my damnedest to find out (ok, a 30 second web search), but it’s a useless and silly term. Crunch should be saved for cereals and cake bars. Cake bars, there’s another one that no one dares own up to coining. So, keep the crunches for cakes and bandicoots please. In the Thirties they called this kind of thing a Great Depression. You know where are you are with words like that. And if we are in some kind of not yet quite great depression, then I can be prepared in advance when I wander into town and find one of my favourite stationers closed down.stationery-shop And in all these years I have always thought of it as Bureau. But, somewhere down the line it became Nemeta. No matter, they’re both closed, both gone.

But if you’re going to go out of business why not try and cheer people up a little by putting a cartoon mouse by the letterbox? This mouse picture has been left by a Cat and a Snail, who I guess worked in the shop. I once left Bureau/Nemeta after waiting ages to get served. If I’d known a snail was slowly on its way, I’d have waited. I also once bought a grubby old Rhodia notebook. The assistant (maybe Cat) wanted me to buy a new, clean, sealed one. But I liked this grubby one, for inside someone had scribbled in pencil “I love you!” I liked that, and I got 50p off. Crunch that, hedge fund hogs!

stationery-mouse1Here’s the mouse; a picture done in pen (but, sweetly, sketched in pencil first). How perfect for a stationers.

If you’re going under, try and say farewell in a style that suits your business. It may not help you, but that dopey customer who fails to notice even when a business changes hands (me) may just about raise a bittersweet smile. Right, I’m off to have my Credit Lunch. What’s the chances the cafe down the road will have closed down; two fried eggs stuck to the glass door and a slice of bacon with a downward smile?


2 Responses to “Credit Crunch is not a cereal”

  1. Andrea said

    LOL at “In the Thirties they called this kind of thing a Great Depression. You know where are you are with words like that” 🙂

  2. […] and I had to know my **** so to speak. After 6 weeks I was sacked. Well, we all were- it was a Credit Crunch thing. So, I thought I’d briefly revisit this world of nonsense. To get the real deal, avoid […]

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