Jesus is Poke

November 7, 2008

jesus-is-poke-gdnAt least that’s what I think it says. This was taken a while back when I lived on Amott Road. Or in Amott Road. I was on it and in it. You choose. Is a road two dimensional in our thinking, and so I would be on it? Or three dimensional and container like? Oh, damn you Steven Pinker, I can’t even write a simple blog now without getting confused. And my confusion just grows when I try to make sense of “Jesus is poke”. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it in fact say “poke”? The “Jesus is” is clear, but the “poke”? Not so clear. And what of those Tesco fruit & fibre cardboard robots?

The building is Amott Road Baptist Church and since the graffiti is outside the building perhaps “Jesus is poke” is a protest. I just don’t know. Look, I lived there ok, but I wasn’t responsible. I don’t think. I’ve moved now. Don’t blame me. It’s late now so please just accept that “Jesus is poke” and go and make a Tesco Cardbot.


One Response to “Jesus is Poke”

  1. sanctifunk said

    That’s funny! Illegible vandals. Gotta love it. Good post.

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