Cats for the Willow Foundation

November 7, 2008

willow12 I’ve just posted this off to the Willow Foundation. So, give it a few days and then you’ll be able to see it here along with original art works by Matt Damon, Sir Richard Attenborough and ahem, the Cheeky Girls. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Cheeky Girls’ artwork is of their arses. Please look at the site and prepare your bids for when the auction starts on the 27th November. Apart from the ridiculous; my cats and the Cheeky Girls’ cheeks; there’s some great pieces there, my favourites being the works of Craig Cash, Ricky Hatton and John Hurt. Oh, and if you like the Cheeky Girls’ arses, why not complement them with Trinny and Susannah’s offerings; artwork of their tits. I look forward to seeing what Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand may offer.

I’m no artist, and barely a celebrity, but I’m happy to do my bit for the foundation. The Willow Foundation was founded by Bob and Megs Wilson in 1999, in memory of their daughter, Anna, who died of cancer at the age of 31. Willow was Anna’s nickname. The aim of the foundation is to provide special days for young adults living with life-threatening conditions; from escaping the pressures of their daily routines to sharing quality time with family and/or friends. So, if you can, get involved.

Bob may not remember this, but years ago, last century, I worked with him. For all of two minutes.goingwilson2
That’s me on the left, Bob in the middle, and Trev Neal on the right. It was for a BBC1 programme called “Going Live!” Me and Trev would do daft sketches and get the guests involved. All I can really remember of this was that we had to walk over to a competition area and as we did so, we said to Bob, “walk this way.” And then we made him copy us and do a silly walk. That’s how comedy worked in the 80’s. None of this phoning up grandpas’ stuff. The nearest we ever got to being banned from the BBC was for making an anti-Thatcher comment live on air on childrens’ tv. Still, if we hadn’t made that comment, who knows, John McCain might be president now. So, we did our bit.

willow-back1 Here’s the back of my piece of “art”. There’s a dog. He can’t see the cats, but he senses something may be up, so he gives a bark. The Boxing Cat is crazy and mean and likes to punch the lights out of the other cats, but look at those long whiskers that wrap around the picture. Oh, the Boxing Cat often trips up over them, and consequently, a hit always misses. And with humans? There is no anger. Stroke the Boxing Cat and she purrs.

Behind the sticks are little messages. All but one should be removed. Remove the fourth and the whole picture world will be thrown into chaos. I can’t say why. If you really want to know, please bid for the picture and raise money for the Willow Foundation.

One Response to “Cats for the Willow Foundation”

  1. I just wanted to say that when i saw your canvas yesterday – i thought it was brilliant and i am actually going to bid myself. I used to love yourself and Trev and wish you were still on TV, on Saturday mornings. I have extremely fond memories of you both and wish you every happiness and success in the future.

    Sending all best wishes to you.

    Lynsey Thompson
    Celebrity Liaison Officer.

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